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The latest impacts to Finnair flights caused by coronavirus

Updated for Finnair Cargo customers every time new information is released. This information is also sent to customers by email as soon as new changes are announced.

For further information, please contact your local Finnair Cargo representative.

Wed 13 May, 2020: Adding new cargo frequencies to Asia from week 21

Finnair Cargo is adding new cargo frequencies between Europe and Asia. We are increasing flights to Bangkok, Beijing and Hong Kong to meet our growing customer demand.  

Please find new schedule from week 21 below.

For booking and availability, please contact local sales at

Kind regards, 
Finnair Cargo

Flight Day Origin Departure Destination Arrival
AY101 2, 4, 5 HEL 16:40 HKG 07:25 (+1)
AY102 4, 6, 7 HKG 09:10 HEL 14:45
AY085 1, 3, 5 HEL 18:20 PEK 06:55 (+1)
AY086 2, 4, 6 PEK 10:55 HEL 14:25
AY141 1, 3, 5 HEL 17:30 BKK 07:15 (+1)
AY142 2, 4, 6 BKK 08:55 HEL 15:15

Mon 23 March: List of Finnair flights that will be operated April-June 2020

Finnair flights to be operated April-June 2020 including Tokyo Haneda scheduled to open on 3 May 2020. 

Information on Tokyo Haneda route

Mon 23 March, 2020: Tokyo Narita flights cancelled from 26 March 

Due to travel restrictions in Japan, Finnair is cancelling flights to Tokyo Narita from 26 March onwards.

The last flights will be:

  • 25 March: AY073 HEL-NRT
  • 26 March: AY074 NRT-HEL.

All shipments booked on 26 March onwards need to be cancelled. As communicated directly, we kindly ask our GSAs to cancel shipments still in origin.

Tues 17 March, 2020: Adjusted road feeder services from 20 March to 1 April

We have adjusted the RFS to Central Europe and Scandinavia starting from 20 March

Adjusted RFS network from 20 March onwards

These are the routes that are open from 1 April: 

To/from Central Europe

  • AMS
  • BRU
  • DUS
  • FRA
  • HAM

Scandinavia (excluding night departures ex HEL)

  • ARN 
  • GOT
  • MMX
  • CPH
  • BLL
  • OSL (only ex OSL)

Baltic RFS

The network remains as is, but please note the below change to departure time from HEL, and arrival times to final destination: TLL, RIX, VNO.

  • Departure time from Helsinki moved from morning departure to evening, new time 20:00 local.
  • Arrival time, +1 day on current schedule

Russia and Belarus

  • HEL-SVO and HEL-LED will be operated still on 21 March, after that cancelled.
  • HEL-MSQ will be operated on 24 March, after that cancelled.

Adjusted RFS network from 1 April onwards

These are the routes that are open from 1 April: 

  • ARN
  • GOT
  • MMX
  • CPH
  • BLL
  • OSL (only ex OSL)
  • TLL
  • RIX
  • VNO
  • No Road feeder service to/from Central Europe from 1st April onwards until further notice.

Mon 16 March, 2020: New flight cancellations from today until end of June

The coronavirus epidemic has had a severe impact on demand for air travel, and several countries have set restrictions on air travel. 

  • We are now making substantial adjustments to our traffic and will cancel the majority of our flights temporarily from 1 April until 30 June until the situation improves.
  • We start transitioning to the limited network immediately and will cancel several flights already from 16-31 March.

Between 1 April and 30 June, 2020, we operate only the routes listed below, with a limited number of weekly frequencies and possibly changed schedules, provided that there are no travel restrictions set by the authorities. If a destination is missing from the list, the flight will be cancelled. 

Domestic Finland (Apr-Jun): 

During the Easter travel season (early to mid April) Finnair will also operate the following routes: Ivalo, Kittilä, Kuusamo

Europe (Apr-Jun):  

Finnair will also fly to Copenhagen, Moscow, Oslo, St Petersburg, Riga and Tallinn once the travel restrictions to these destinations are lifted. 

Intercontinental flights (Apr-Jun): 

Tokyo Haneda (HND) from 3rd May onwards. 

Sun 15 March, 2020: New Finnair flight cancellations

Due to the increase of travel restrictions in various countries, Finnair has decided to cancel the following additional services:


  • Last Finnair flight operated today AY99/15 and AY100/16.
  • Starting 17 March all pax and crew will face 14 days in quarantine, so all Finnair flights to/from HKG will be cancelled 16 March onwards.

Borders closed in Baltics:

  • TLL: All Finnair flights cancelled 17 March onwards (AY1035/16 March HEL-TLL overnight flight already cancelled). 
  • VNO: All Finnair flights cancelled 16 March onwards. 
  • RIX: All Finnair flights cancelled 17 March onwards. 


  • MAD flights cancelled Monday 16 March onwards, other destinations in Spain to be decided on Monday.
  • BCN flights to be cancelled as soon as possible (likely HEL-BCN onwards cancelled 16 March as well).
  • Last flights to Canary Islands will be operated with wide-body to carry the rest of the passengers home.


  • Trucks in Europe so far operating normally.

Instructions for cargo customers for all bookings referring afore-mentioned destinations: 

  • Do not forward any shipments to HEL which isn’t yet departed from your station (This is valid for all shipments whether booked on flight or RFS connection).
  • Possibility for RFS connection will be monitored and informed separately if possible.
  • Shipments which are received from shipper but not forwarded need to be stopped at origin station. 
  • Do not accept new bookings for these destinations even if you find existing connection in SkyChain.
  • We will monitor and close bookings for these destinations as soon as possible

Shipment on hand at HEL:

  • Currently HEL OPS will forward all shipments on hand to afore-mentioned destinations on first possible flight.
  • In case some shipments could not be forward to the destination on the last existing flights HEL OPS will contact you asking further instructions.

Sat 14 March, 2020: Latest flight cancellations

Finnair flights to the following destinations are cancelled:

WAW and KRK:

  • All flights cancelled starting 15 March and onwards until further notice


  • All flights cancelled starting 16 March and onwards until further notice

LED and SVO:

  • All flights cancelled starting 16 March and onwards until further notice
  • AY719/15 March/HEL-SVO and AY703/15 March/HEL-LED also cancelled

CPH and BLL:

  • All flights cancelled starting 17 March onwards
  • AY961/16 March is already cancelled

OSL and BGO:

  • All flights cancelled starting 17 March onwards until further notice

Thurs 12 March, 2020: Flight cancellations to/from USA and to India 

United States

  • Finnair is cancelling flights to the USA between 14 March and 12 April due to the US Government’s travel restrictions. Details below.
  • Finnair will fly normally to Los Angeles on 12 and 15 March.
  • As normal to Miami on 12 March. 
  • As normal to New York JFK until 18 March. 

The cancelled flights to the US are:

  • Flights AY001/002 to/from Los Angeles 17 March - 12 April
  • Flights AY007/008 to/from Miami 14 March - 12 April
  • Flights AY005/006 to/from New York 19 March - 12 April
  • Flights AY009/010 to/from Chicago (originally due to start on 29 March) will also be suspended until 12 April.


  • Finnair is cancelling its flights to Delhi between 15 March and 14 April due to recent visa restrictions.  
  • Finnair will operate on Delhi route normally until 15 March.
  • The cancelled flights are AY121/122 to/from Delhi.

Finnair is continuously following the impacts of the coronavirus situation. The cancellations of these flights will have a further impact on Finnair’s narrow-body traffic in Europe. Finnair will communicate these changes once such decisions are made.


GSAs are requested to cancel shipments still at origin. Our team in COOL will return the shipments if the shipment is in HEL but the connecting flight is cancelled.

We are once again very sorry for the inconvenience this will cause to our cargo customers.

Wed 11 March, 2020: Ho Chi Minh City flights on 25/26 March will be cancelled

Due to the impacts of the coronavirus situation and changed visa requirements for entering Vietnam, we unfortunately have to cancel our flight AY161 to Ho Chi Minh City on 25 March, and flight to Helsinki AY162 on 26 March.

  • Flights to/from Ho Chi Minh City on 11/12 March and 18/19 March will be operated normally.

Tues 10 March, 2020: Flight cancellations to/from Israel in March 

  • Finnair is cancelling flights to/from Tel Aviv in March. 
  • Flights AY1979/1980 to/from Tel Aviv between 15 March and 31 March will be cancelled.
  • We will operate flights on 11-12 March and 13-14 March. 

Tues 10 March, 2020: New adjustments to European traffic in April

The following flights are cancelled from 1-30 April:

  • Flights AY289/290, AY643, AY645 and AY647 to/from Jyväskylä
  • Flights AY419/420, AY643, AY645 and AY647 to/from Kajaani
  • Flights AY399/400, AY630 and AY631/632 to/from Kokkola
  • Flights AY630, AY631 and AY632 to/from Kemi

The following flights are cancelled from 29 March to 30 April:

  • Flights AY1771/1772 to/from Bologna
  • Flights AY1841/1842 to/from Split
  • Flights AY1451/1452 and AY1453/1454 to/from Stuttgart
  • Flights AY1781/1782 to/from Venice
  • Flights AY861/862 and AY867/868 to/from Gothenburg
  • Flights AY961/962 and AY965/966 to/from Copenhagen
  • Flights AY833/AY834 and AY841/842 to/from Stockholm Bromma
  • Flights AY821/822 and AY825/826 to/from Stockholm Arlanda
  • Flights AY719/720 to/from Moscow
  • Flights AY1027/1028 to/from Tallinn
  • Flights AY1659/1660 to/from Barcelona
  • Flights AY1421/1424 to/from Hamburg
  • Flights AY1437/AY1438 to/from Berlin
  • Flights AY1141/1142 to/from Warsaw
  • Flights AY1543/1544 to/from Brussels
  • Flights AY311/312 and AY317/318 to/from Vaasa
  • Flights AY451/452, AY454 and AY455/456 to/from Oulu
  • Flights AY341/342 and AY347/348 to/from Joensuu
  • Flights AY363/364, AY375, AY378 and AY380 to/from Kuopio
  • Flights AY633 and AY649 to/from Turku and Mariehamn*
  • Flights AY1767/1768 to/from Rome
  • Flights AY917/918 to/from Oslo
  • Flights AY887/888 to/from Umeå

*Will be replaced with flights AY7119/7120 Helsinki-Mariehamn-Stockholm Bromma

In addition, there are also aircraft changes: St. Petersburg, Vilnius, Brussels, London 

  • Finnair flies to St Petersburg and to Vilnius with ATR aircraft instead of Embraer 190 aircraft. 
  • Flights that were scheduled to be operated with Airbus 350 to Brussels will be operated with Airbus 321 aircraft
  • One of the two daily widebody frequencies between Helsinki and London will alos be operated with A321 aircraft replacing A350. 

Furthermore, Finnair will cancel individual flights on some routes where load factors are very low due to the coronavirus situation.

Mon 9 March, 2020: Rome and Milan Cancellations until 7th April

Finnair will cancel its flights to/from Rome between 12 March and 7 April. The following flights will be cancelled:

  • AY1761/1762
  • AY1763/1764
  • AY1767/1768
  • AY1769/1770

​Flights to/from Milan are cancelled from 9 March until 7 April.

  • AY1751/AY1752

Fri 6 March, 2020: Some European flights cancelled between 20th and 28th March 

Finnair has released a new list of European flights that are cancelled between 20 and 28 March. 

You can check the list of cancelled flights here.

If you have shipments already booked on these cancelled flights, please rebook on the next possible flight.

Thurs 5 March, 2020: Traffic adjustments because of the impacts of coronavirus

To minimise the negative financial impacts of the situation, Finnair is now adjusting its traffic programme commensurate with the reduced demand.  

Mainland China and Hong Kong

  • Finnair cancels its flights to Guangzhou, Nanjing, Beijing Capital, Beijing Daxing, Shanghai, Xi'an until 30th April 2020.  
  • Finnair flies to Hong Kong with one daily frequency instead of the normal two daily frequencies in April. 


  • Finnair cancels two weekly flights from its Osaka route, and flies to Osaka during the summer season (29 March–24 October 2020) with 10 weekly frequencies instead of the previously scheduled 12 weekly frequencies.  


  • Finnair cancels its daily flights to Seoul from 9 March–16 April  2020. 
  • Finnair postpones the opening of its new route to Busan from 31 March  2020 until 1 July 2020.  

Unfortunately, we have no other option than to cancel all cargo bookings during this period. Please contact your local Finnair Cargo representative for further information.


  • Evening flight to Milan, AY1755/AY1756 will be cancelled from 4 March until 7 April and morning flight AY1751/AY1752 from 9 March until 7 April.