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Finnair's Dallas route serves cargo customers with four weekly flights

A new Finnair route to Dallas was launched at the end of March 2022. The Dallas-Fort Worth area is the fourth largest metropolitan area in the United States and a major business hub. The route offers a great option to access the North American market.

Finnair is flying to Dallas four times a week, on Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays and the route is operated with an Airbus A350.

The geographical location of Dallas makes the city a key hub for air cargo. The metropolitan area is one of the most important financial areas in the United States with 27 million people within a 4-hour drive. Nearly all states, as well as Canada and Mexico, are within a two-day drive. Dallas is also often used when accessing Latin American markets, especially from Asia.

The Dallas-Fort Worth area has very high import and export levels. In September 2021 the value of exports was calculated at 2,18 billion US dollars and the value of imports at 4,54 billion US dollars. The biggest destination countries for export are Taiwan, South Korea, and China. The most important country of origin was China.

Dallas is economically very diverse and dynamic - as well as very reliant on imported goods and materials. The area’s major industries include building design, construction and furnishing, food manufacturing, IT-services and telecommunication, and transportation manufacturing. A unique addition to these is the area’s historically significant oil industry, still playing a big part in the economic landscape.

The most exported goods from Dallas-Fort Worth area are computer and electronic products, transportation equipment, machinery, and chemicals. The top imports to the area are telecommunication and computer parts and devices.

The city's diverse industries have enabled its financial situation to remain stable even during national and global downturns. This can be seen in a higher-than-average GDP and lower than average unemployment rates. The outlook for the area remains positive for the coming years.

Airport development

The DWF airport has laid significant focus on developing their air cargo facilities, including the handling of large, unconventional cargo – largely to meet the exceptional needs of the oil industry. The airport plans to make further investments to develop air cargo facilities in the coming years. The largest development will be a vast new cargo warehouse space and nine additional aircraft parking positions.

For the fiscal year that ended on September 30th, 2021 DWF airport reported a total cargo throughput of 983,917 US tons. Belly cargo represented 24% of this, while freighter operators accounted for 30% and integrators 46%.

Bookings for Helsinki-Dallas route

The bookings for our Finnair HEL-DWF route can be made through Finnair Cargo Online or our local representatives. You can take a look at schedules and availabilities at Finnair Cargo Online.

Finnair Cargo handling agent at DFW

Finnair Cargo’s handling agent at Dallas airport is Worldwide Flight Services (WFS).