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Incredible new 360-film taking you into the hidden world of air cargo

Today, we're inviting you to join us on a journey into the hidden world of a non-stop air cargo terminal with Finnair Cargo's new 360-degree film shot at the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub in Helsinki.  

Amaze yourself with these details from COOL

From receiving to loading, you’ll travel through the COOL cargo terminal and experience what it’s like to be a package in the world’s newest air cargo terminal. Along the way, you will find out how the things we carry have a positive impact on people around the world.

Few people have seen inside this cathedral-like structure and this video using 360-degree technology will take you to areas that only shipments can access. You'll get a unique and unseen-before perspective. 

Instructions: Look around 360 degrees using the arrows on the top left of the film or by holding your cursor down and dragging. If you are watching on a mobile device you should download the YouTube app to experience the journey in 360.