Helsinki terminal services

About COOL terminal customer service

The COOL Terminal Customer Service in Helsinki provides support for private customers and freight forwarders.

Address of COOL terminal

The COOL Nordic Cargo Hub
Turbiinikuja 4
01530 Vantaa

Export shipments

Customer Service issues air waybills (AWB) and verifies that shipments are acceptable for air transportation.

Private customers

Customer Service fills out the air waybills (AWB) according to the information that the customer provides in the shipper’s letter of instructions for carriage by air (PDF).

General enquiries 

Customer Service also responds to all import-related enquiries and informs customers of arrived shipments and possible further actions to be taken. Customers can also track their shipments in SkyChain.

Claims and network tracing

COOL terminal Customs ID

FI0108057-5 / R0013

Online truck appointments for Helsinki Hub

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Terminal charges

Our terminal charges document shows the handling, storage and delivery charges for both export and import cargo as well as charges related to special cargo.

Terminal charges (New charges are valid from February 2023.)

Acceptance times for transportation from Helsinki

The export freight booked on Finnair flights must be delivered by the following times:

Narrow-body aircraft: 4 hours before departure
Wide-body aircraft: 5 hours before departure
Freighter aircraft: 7 hours before flight departure
Land transportation (road feeder services): 5 hours before departure

FIRST shipments: WB 150 min NB 90 min
Additional times for not previously security checked shipments: +30min and for dangerous goods (DG, other than the below listed): + 60min
Note! HEA, OHG, BIG and ELI, ELM as well as ICE as per normal FIRST acceptance times

Delivery times for import shipments to Finland:

Narrow-body aircraft: 4 hours from landing
Wide-body aircraft:
arrival before 9am -> from 2pm
arrival between 9am and 2pm -> 6 hours from flight arrival
arrival after 2pm -> from 6am next morning
Freighter aircraft: 10 hours from flight arrival
Road feeder services. 8 hours from truck arrival (except thru-units in 4 hours after truck arrival)

FIRST shipments (quick delivery):
Widebody: Cargo available after landing 120 min
Narrowbody: Cargo available after landing 90 min

Domestic cargo: Please contact Jetpak

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