Domestic Cargo in Finland

Jetpak Finland is responsible for air cargo sales, bookings and shipments on Finnair flights within Finland.

When sending domestic cargo in Finland please contact Jetpak:

Jetpak Finland Oy
Tel: Intl calls: +358 9727 7180
domestic calls 0800 55 22 00
Address: Rahtitie 1 B, 2nd floor
01530 Vantaa, Finland

Contact information for domestic stations (besides Helsinki) can be found on Jetpak's web site:  

When special cargo is concerned kindly contact Jetpak for further information.

Export shipments abroad from other Finnish airports except Helsinki

When sending shipments abroad from other Finnish airports except Helsinki (eg. OUL-HEL-PVG, JOE-HEL-FRA) private customers and companies need to use forwarding services by a IATA approved fowarding agent (IATA Cargo Agent) who can take care of the transport arrangements with Finnair Cargo.

No special cargo is allowed on domestic flights. Finnair Cargo Contact Center can provide information on goods that can be accepted for transport. 

Import cargo

Cargo bookings to Finnish destinations can be made as usual by calling our local Cargo Reservations (select your location from the drop down menu on the left).

Collect shipments (charges code CC or CX) can be sent to Helsinki only. Freight charges for shipments to other Finnish airports have to be paid at origin.

Customs related changes:

For shipments coming from outside the EU the final destination has to be Helsinki due to customs reasons as the Finnair Cargo terminals at other Finnish airports (except Helsinki) have been closed.

For further information please contact Finnair Cargo Sales or Reservations.