General cargo

Reliable transport for a vast range of goods

Do you need to send for example running shoes, electronics, designer goods or spare parts? We carry such items in the belly of Finnair’s passenger aircraft daily between Asia, Europe and North America. Our COOL Nordic Cargo Hub at Helsinki Airport offers an ideal connection point for a wide variety of general cargo on its way to numerous destinations around the Northern Hemisphere. In our terminal we combine the expertise of our staff with warehouse automation systems to support data-driven planning for smooth cargo operations. To see how general cargo shipments are handled and stored in our hub terminal please visit COOL 360.


Service features

  • Transport by Finnair’s Airbus fleet
  • Storage in a modern terminal facility combining automation and 100 years of cargo expertise
  • Safe and reliable cargo service for regular traffic supporting your business
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Information and labelling

General cargo shipments can be transported on Finnair flights or our road feeder services (RFS) to selected destinations. For information on our network please visit Finnair cargo network.

The air waybill must show accurate weight and package dimensions. The packages must also be adequately labelled to enable the identification of the shipments.


Packages shall be adequately packed and strict attention must be paid to the packaging requirements of the goods being shipped:

  • Inadequately packed or damaged shipments are not accepted for transport.
  • All packages are examined at the time of acceptance for any sign of defect.
  • All packages are to be securely closed and contents tightly packed.

Conditions and special requirements

  • Pay attention to packaging needs and consider sustainability when choosing packaging. Is there a lighter packaging option available?
  • Weight and volume: Please visit Fleet and ULDs for cargo capacity per aircraft type.
  • Need speed? Our FIRST service is your choice.
  • For goods entering the EU: Check ICS2 customs requirements (incl. HS codes and EORI number)

For further information please contact your local Finnair Cargo Sales/Reservations.