Wildlife protection

Image by David Mark from Pixabay

Finnair is committed to help raise awareness of the illegal trade of wildlife, and is a signatory to the United for Wildlife Buckingham Palace Declaration on the illegal trade of wildlife.

"Finnair has also an embargo concerning hunting trophies, including their skin/hide and all articles made from or containing parts of such animals. We are committed to promoting the fight against illegal trade in wildlife," says Finnair COO Jaakko Schildt.

Iconic wildlife species are facing extinction. Our interconnected air transport network can be exploited by traffickers, and enforcement authorities need our help. Aviation and air cargo industry can support the work of enforcement agencies in combating the illegal trade in wildlife.

As traffickers often demonstrate unusual patterns and behaviours anyone working in the logistics industry can act as an additional source of intelligence to spot suspicious cargo consignments. Take a few minutes to learn more on IATA's video. With a trained eye, we all can help the authorities.

Video: How Aviation Staff Can Help Stop the Illegal Wildlife Trade

IATA has also launched a 20-minute e-learning module to raise awareness among aviation industry. 

IATA Wildlife trafficking awareness training

Further information on combatting illegal trade in wildlife

If you receive any booking requests for suspicious shipments it is worth paying extra attention and asking additional questions from the shipper.