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Making a booking on our new Finnair Cargo Online service is smooth and easy. You can view real-time capacity and rates for your shipments, receive an instant booking confirmation, and so much more.

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Finnair Cargo Online is here now!

Finnair Cargo Online makes your day flow smoother. You can view real-time availability, rates and get instant confirmation for your booking. Amend or track your booking whenever you want. Allotment bookings and special cargo are also included. Learn more about the features and how to get started.

Priority Cargo First

Finnair Cargo’s priority cargo, FIRST, offers a reliable fast-track solution for your urgent cargo shipments. Read more and book FIRST for guaranteed capacity on a short notice.

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Finnair Cargo FIRST renewal is set to improve customer experience

Finnair Cargo's FIRST is our priority cargo option for fast delivery and high level of service. The FIRST product has been renewed with the objective of meeting customer needs even better.

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Finnair's route to Seattle offers a great new alternative between Europe and North America

From June 1st, 2022, Finnair is operating a new route between Helsinki and Seattle. The short northern route is a fast and sustainable option that makes it easy to access one of the most growing markets in the United States.

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About Finnair Cargo

Finnair Cargo is one of the largest air cargo carriers in the Nordic and Baltic region. It specialises in flying high-value items the short northern route between Europe and Asia from its Helsinki COOL hub, the most modern and digitalised air cargo terminal in Europe. Last year Finnair Cargo grew revenue (compared to 2020) by 88.3% to 334.7 € million as the airline carried a total of 105,014 tons of freight in 2021. 

Finnair has invested heavily in technological innovations and digital to radically improve transparency and efficiency of air cargo shipping process. The Internet of Things monitoring system provides real-time data to the Control Centre in Helsinki showing where every truck, plane and shipment is, it displays arrival times and connecting transport and, in the future, it will monitor the temperature of cargo at every step of the journey.

Following Finnair Group’s Asia strategy, Finnair Cargo is specialised in air cargo shipping between Europe and Asia. Therefore, Helsinki has become an important hub from where most import cargo from Asia continues to various European destinations.