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Summer season 2023

During the upcoming summer season, we are adding flights between Helsinki and key destinations in Asia. Altogether, Finnair offers cargo service to/from approximately 60 destinations in Europe and 15 cities in Asia, Middle East and the United States. In Asia, we fly to Osaka, Tokyo, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai and Bangkok; in the Middle East to Tel Aviv; and in the USA to Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York and Seattle.

Highlights for the summer season:

  • In Japan, Osaka flights return with three weekly frequencies. The Helsinki–Osaka route is operated on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays and Osaka–Helsinki on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays as of 26 March. Finnair’s daily service on Tokyo Haneda route continues, and Tokyo Narita flights are increased to four weekly frequencies. Helsinki–Tokyo Narita flights are operated on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays and Tokyo Narita–Helsinki on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays as of 27 March. A scheduled trucking service between Haneda and Narita support smooth supply chain solutions for our customers. 
  • Both Hong Kong and Seoul routes will be served daily.
  • In India, Delhi is served daily and Mumbai route will have three weekly rotations, both destinations with A330.
  • Bangkok route is served with daily flights.
  • Chicago and Seattle routes return to roster for the summer season while Miami, Dubai and Phuket routes cease for summer. Seattle route is operated until the end of August.
  • In Europe, we offer double daily service on London route with a wide-body aircraft.
  • Our services on the following routes continue with similar frequencies as during this winter season: New York JFK (daily), Dallas DFW (4 weekly rotations), Shanghai PVG (2 weekly rotations) and Los Angeles LAX (3 weekly rotations). On Los Angeles route Sunday flights change to Monday.

Wide-body aircraft service on the London route this summer

This summer season Finnair offers wide-body aircraft service on the London route twice a day according to the following schedule. (All schedules are subject to change.)


Wide-body aircraft service on the Brussels and Amsterdam routes

  • In August we continue offering wide-body aircraft service on Amsterdam and Brussels routes as follows.

FlightPeriodOperating days
AY13013 August– 10 August 20233, 4, 7
AY130111 August– 24 August 20233, 4, 5, 6, 7
AY130526 August– 26 August 20236
AY130130 August– 30 August 20233
AY130131 August– 31 August 20234


FlightPeriodOperating days
AY13023 August– 10 August 20233, 4, 7
AY130211 August– 24 August 20233, 4, 5, 6, 7
AY130226 August– 2 September 20236, 7
AY130626 August– 26 August 20236
AY130230 August– 30 August 20233
AY130231 August– 31 August 20234



  • Brussels route – daily wide-body service until the end of August. Please see flight times below.


  • For September - October we offer wide-body services on these routes as follows.

Amsterdam route

  • Until the end of September we have a wide-body aircraft on Amsterdam route's morning flights from Tuesday to Sunday and in October we have wide-body flights from Wednesday to Sunday. Please find the timetable below.
AY130108.10 - 09:45HEL08:10AMS09:45
AY130211.55 - 15:15AMS11:55HEL15:15
  • Additionally, we operate the evening flights on Amsterdam route with wide-body aircraft on selected days in September and October as follows.
TO AMS     
AY13051 September 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY13053 September 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY13059 September 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130515 September 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130516 September 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130517 September 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY13051 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY13055 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY13056 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY13057 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY13058 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130512 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130513 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130514 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130515 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130519 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130520 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130522 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130526 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35
AY130527 October 2023HEL16:00AMS17:35


AY13061 September 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY13063 September 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY13069 September 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130615 September 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130616 September 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130617 September 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY13061 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY13065 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY13066 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY13067 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY13068 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130612 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130613 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130614 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130615 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130619 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130620 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130622 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130626 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05
AY130627 October 2023AMS18:45HEL22:05


Brussels route

  • On Brussels route we have wide-body aircraft service in September and October as follows.
TO BRU     
AY15414 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY15416 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY15418 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY15419 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154110 September 2023HEL09:10BRU10:45
AY154111 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154113 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154114 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154115 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154116 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154117 September 2023HEL09:10BRU10:45
AY154121 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154125 September 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY15412 October 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY15419 October 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154116 October 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY154123 October 2023HEL07:40BRU09:15
AY15426 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY15428 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY15429 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154210 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154211 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154213 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154214 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154215 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154216 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154217 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154221 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154225 September 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY15422 October 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY15429 October 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154216 October 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15
AY154223 October 2023BRU11:40HEL15:15


In addition to the above mentioned wide-body flights, both routes have narrow-body services too.

In case you have any questions about these novelties, please contact your local Finnair Cargo representative.

Schedules for all Finnair routes are available on our schedule search.