Helsinki terminal guidelines

You are on the right page if you want to familiarise yourself with important information and guidelines before sending or receiving an air cargo shipment via Finnair Cargo's COOL terminal in Helsinki. Here you can find information on export shipments from Finland, customs clearance and live animal shipments. If you live outside Finland you may wish to contact one of our local representatives

How to get there

The COOL Nordic Cargo Hub address

The COOL Nordic Cargo Hub 
Turbiinikuja 4 
01530 Vantaa 

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Customs clearance

For shipments to/from NON-EU countries the sender must take care of the applicable customs proceedings with the Finnish Customs.

Corporate customers and forwarding agents

Private customers

COOL terminal Customs ID

FI0108057-5 / R0013

Local contacts

Please select your nearest city from the list below to view the contact information for our global sales agents (GSAs) and handling agents all over the world.

Online truck appointments for Helsinki Hub

Partner Portal

Our Partner Portal (for cargo handling partners and RFS providers) contains information about our operations as well as Finnair Cargo Handling Manuals (CHM), station information, other operational manuals and all necessary forms, all in one place.

You will need active credentials to access the portal. If you are a new user or have not yet activated your access, please contact

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Terminal charges

Our terminal charges document shows the handling, storage and delivery charges for both export and import cargo as well as charges related to special cargo.

Terminal charges (from 1 April 2024) (Opens in a new tab)

Air freight acceptance times

The export freight booked on Finnair flights must be delivered by the following times:

  • Narrow-body aircraft: 4 hours before departure 
  • Wide-body aircraft: 5 hours before departure 
  • Freighter aircraft: 7 hours before flight departure 
  • Land transportation (road feeder services): 5 hours before departure 
  • FIRST shipments: WB 150 min, NB 90 min 
  • Additional times for not previously security checked shipments: +30min and 
  • Dangerous goods (DG, other than the below listed): + 60min 

Note! HEA, OHG, BIG and ELI, ELM as well as ICE as per normal FIRST acceptance times. 

Delivery times for import shipments to Finland

  • Narrow-body aircraft: 4 hours from landing 
  • Wide-body aircraft: 
    • arrival before 9am -> from 2pm 
    • arrival between 9am and 2pm -> 6 hours from flight arrival 
    • arrival after 2pm -> from 6am next morning 
  • Freighter aircraft: 10 hours from flight arrival 
  • Road feeder services: 8 hours from truck arrival (except thru-units in 4 hours after truck arrival) 

FIRST shipments (quick delivery): 

  • Widebody: Cargo available after landing 120 min 
  • Narrowbody: Cargo available after landing 90 min 
  • Domestic cargo: Please contact Jetpak

Live animal shipments

The COOL terminal also has an area for the Border Inspection Veterinarians to conduct inspections of live animals or products of animal origin that are necessary for air transportation. Customers sending such cargo must always pre-order the services of a Border Inspection Veterinarian. Information on transportation of live animals can be found on our Animal Transportation pages or on Finnish Food Authority's web pages.

Animal Transportation pages Finnish Food Authority's web pages (Opens in a new tab)

Import shipments

Arrival notifications for import cargo are sent to private customers (in Finland only) primarily by email. Therefore, the consignee's email address should be visible on the air waybill (AWB). If the consignee does not have an email address, the arrival notification can be delivered by phone. For further information please contact the COOL Terminal customer service. 

Note! If you are picking up a package weighing 4000 kg or more, please inform us well in advance by contacting customer service at COOL as we need to arrange a special forklift truck for moving such extra heavy pieces.

Export shipments

Customer service assits with export matters and verifies that shipments are acceptable for air transportation.

General enquiries

Customer service also responds to all import-related enquiries and informs customers of arrived shipments and possible further actions to be taken. Customers can also track their shipments in our tracking service.