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Re-modification of A330 aircraft to expand business to include all general cargo items

May 17, 2021

In April 2021 we received Traficom permission to continue operating with modified A330’s until end of year. Inspired by the opportunity, we decided to make further modifications for one of them, in order to further expand business opportunities. Covid-19 freighters with modifications made last spring were light versions and permission included only covid-19 related general cargo items. This passenger freighter Airbus A330 OH-L TU aircraft, is a STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) modification, having wider opportunities for carrying cargo than previous version.

This passenger freighter modification includes the business class cabin space, in addition to economy cabin space we had in use before. The middle kitchen also has been removed giving the opportunity to load full-size wooden pallets through the centre doors. Each cargo area inside the cabin is built with more stable ULD type, holding maximum of 440kg cargo in 1,27m height per unit. Total cargo weight allowed for the aircraft, including lower level cargo holdings and cabin space is approx. 44 tonnes, cabin loading 15 tonnes. Passenger freighter has no restrictions to Covid- related items and all general cargo types are accepted onboard.

Additionally, passenger freighter is more permanent modification, allowing Finnair Cargo to operate also to United States of America, which was not possible with the light modification versions.

For the moment, this aircraft type is allocated for Helsinki (HEL) – Shanghai (PVG) route. In the future rotation depends on route specific demand, also there is an opportunity to book it as a charter.

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