Compensate shipment emissions

Finnair's carbon offset service

We are committed to making a more sustainable future by becoming carbon neutral in 2045. Our commitments include actions and means improving our operations both in the air and on the ground. There is a lot we can do together.

Use the calculator to offset your carbon footprint. When compensating for your flight, you can choose the ratio between sustainable aviation fuel and climate projects in the calculator.

Compensate shipment emissions

Frequently asked questions

A carbon footprint is the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions arising from a specific activity, such as your flight. The CO2 emissions of a flight depend on the aircraft used, the distance flown and the amount of passengers and cargo the aircraft carries.

You can choose how much of your contribution goes to Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and how much to support climate projects that reduce, capture or avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. The climate projects our service supports are certified by various credible and internationally recognized carbon certification standards such as the VCS, the Gold Standard, American Carbon Registry and Climate Action Reserve. 

We support two climate projects in this service. The first one is a project that is supplying families with biogas plants in the Chickballapur district of Karnataka province in India, providing a clean and safe way of cooking that reduces greenhouse gas emissions by switching to 100% renewable energy. This means health benefits for the whole family, in particular for women and children. 
The other one is the Rimba Raya Biodiversity Reserve Project, which aims to reduce Indonesia’s emissions by preserving 91,215 hectares of tropical peat swamp forest.

Your compensation is not connected to your flight reservation, but you can claim for a refund through CHOOOSE by emailing The refund is not processed automatically if you cancel your flight.

Yes, as the compensation is not connected to your flight reservation, you can also compensate after you have flown.

The global availability of sustainable aviation fuel is limited, and it is three to five times more expensive than regular jet fuel. Price and availability will develop only through more extensive use, and that is why we want to invest in sustainable fuels.

For each transaction, a small administrative and technology fee is charged by CHOOOSE. 

The climate-tech company CHOOOSE™ is providing Finnair's SAF and carbon offset service and is guaranteeing that your contribution has a climate-positive impact. CHOOOSE delivers a platform that enables both individuals and organisations to easily connect with trusted climate solutions around the world. CHOOOSE carbon calculator calculates your carbon footprint and provides you with the option to seamlessly address your flight emissions through the combination of sustainable aviation fuel and verified climate projects.

Calculations are based on actual fuel consumption on Finnair's scheduled flights. Fuel consumption is a 12-month average and is allocated between passengers and belly cargo in accordance with ICAO allocation methods. Calculation results in CO2 emissions, where no other than direct emissions are accounted.