As of 1st June 2022 Finnair accepts live animals (AVI) for transport on European narrow-body aircraft routes. AVI shipments for wide-body flights might be accepted on request. Please note that Finnair carries live animals only on flights to its direct destinations and for animal shipments with final destination in Finland the destination must be Helsinki (HEL). For pricing information please see: Send your shipment section -> Animal transportation -> Instructions - Before the flight.

Pre-flight checklist for pet transportation

1. Obtain the necessary documents for the animal

Acquire the required documents for the destination and intermediate airports (such as health certificates, vaccination information and import licences).

2. Make a cargo booking and check transport-related details

To make a booking please contact a forwarding company, for example Travelcargo – PetExpress. While making the booking, you can also request more information on animal transport and the requirements listed here.

3. Ensure compliance with IATA and airline regulations

Make sure you comply with the regulations specified by the carriers as well as the international regulations specified by the IATA.

4. Purchase a suitable animal container

Purchase a container that is suitable for transporting the animal in question. The container must comply with the minimum requirements of IATA Live Animal Regulations. Finnair Cargo does not accept containers with grating on top/latticed top deck. Please note that Finnair does not provide containers for rent.

5. Check what kind of food is allowed during transport

Make sure that the food provided for the animal during transport complies with the regulations of the transit and destination countries.

6. Provide feeding instructions

Provide written feeding instructions when handing the animal over for transport. Make sure the instructions accompany the shipment.

7. Check the physical state of the animal and notify the carrier

When making the booking, check the physical state of the animal, and do this again when handing the animal over to the airline. Notify the airline if the animal is pregnant or has given birth within the last 48 hours.

8. Notify the carrier of any medication given to the animal

Notify the airline if you have given any sedative to the animal.