Finnair Cargo’s priority cargo, FIRST, offers a reliable fast-track solution for your urgent cargo shipments. Book FIRST for guaranteed capacity on a short notice.

Key benefits for customers:

  • Guaranteed capacity (depending on the aircraft type)
  • Reliability – money back guarantee* (50%) if not flown as booked
  • New bookings accepted up to 24h before the departure
  • Short handling and transit times in Helsinki
  • 24/7 customer service & support
  • Available for special cargoes too (see details below)
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FIRST product features



Cut-off time in HEL**

  • Widebody: 150 min
  • Narrowbody: 90 min

  • Security check not done beforehand: +30 min
  • Dangerous goods: +60 min extra time needed & pre-check process (Note! No additional time needed for SHL, ELI, ELM, ICE, RRE, REQ, RDS and MAG)
  • HEA, OHG, BIG according to normal FIRST acceptance times shown above

Cargo availability after landing in HEL**

  • Widebody: Cargo available after landing 120 min 
  • Narrowbody: Cargo available after landing 90 min

Special cargo acceptance***

Shipment size limitations (max weight per piece)

  • Widebody: Max weight per piece 1,200kg
  • Narrowbody: Max weight per piece 30kg

Capacity guarantee (per booking per aircraft type)****

  • Widebody: 3,000kg / 8cbm (loose)
  • Built-up unit 5,000kg / 11cbm (per PMC pallet)
  • A319/A320/A321/E90 aircraft: 200kg / 2cbm

Money back guarantee (if not flown as booked)*

—50% of the original price (not valid for RFS)

Customer service 24/7 / priority support

  • Local offices serving customers during local office hours
  • First chat (24/7) by COOL HUB in Helsinki

Booking tolerance*****

Shipment gross weight:

  • <1,000kg +/-20kg
  • ≥1,000kg +/-80kg


Finnair flights (excl. ATRs) & road feeder services (RFS)

* Money back guarantee

In the following cases the money back guarantee is not valid:

  • At origin by forwarder:
    • Late delivery, incomplete data, missing or incomplete documents, booking tolerance discrepancy (booked vs actual), actual dimensions or volume not matching booking, wrong labelling and insufficient packaging, failed screening, customs-related issues, missing special handling codes
  • Road feeder services (RFS)
  • Force majeure:
    • Weather-related, be it for aircraft, ferry or truck, flood, hurricane, typhoon, earthquake, lightning, volcano eruption, snowstorm etc. 
    • War, riots, political uprisings, civil commotion, acts of state or governmental action prohibiting or impeding any party from performing its respective obligations, interference by civil or military authorities 
    • Strikes, lockouts, slowdowns, blockades, hostilities, labour disputes
    • Crime, terrorist-related threats or attacks, sabotage, piracy, pandemic events
    • Fire, explosion, prolonged shortage of energy supplies, embargoes
    • Flight cancellations due to technical reasons or weather, change of aircraft, aircraft delayed on inbound route when shipment transiting via Helsinki

** Outstations: handling times subject to station capabilities – please contact your local office for further information.
*** DG shipments, including SHL, ELI, ELM, ICE, RRE, REQ, RDS and MAG, subject to DG acceptance check. See acceptance times at Helsinki Airport (HEL) above.
**** Individual exceptions are possible due to technical and routing reasons.
***** If the discrepancy between booked and actual weight is larger than the booking tolerance, we can not guarantee that the FIRST shipment will be flown as booked.