Company info

Company info

Finnair Cargo today

Finnair Cargo is one of the largest air cargo carriers in Northern Europe. It is a subsidiary of the passenger airline Finnair, which is one of the oldest operating airlines, founded in 1923.

Our main hub is located at Helsinki Airport in Finland, providing short flight times between Finnair destinations in Europe, Asia and the US. We operate to all major cities in Asia, over 100 destinations in Europe and seven in the Americas.

We specialise in carrying temperature-controlled cargo, such as seafood, pharmaceuticals and other perishables. On average we carry approx. 800,000 kilos of cargo daily. 

Finnair Cargo has one of the most modern air cargo terminals, opened in 2018. Modern air cargo terminal means technological innovations and data monitoring systems to radically improve transparency and efficiency of air cargo shipping process. The advanced monitoring system provides real-time data to the Control Centre in Helsinki, showing where every truck, plane and shipment is. It displays the arrival times and connecting transport and, in the future, will monitor the temperature of cargo at every step of the journey.

Our values

Our values have been built together with our employees during different phases of our company’s history. These values guide the way we execute our work daily across operational units. 

  • Simplicity
  • Courage
  • Commitment to care
  • Working together

Our plans

Finnair’s objective is to create sustainable profitable growth. We at Finnair Cargo want to offer the best possible products and services to our customers and utilise our expertise and competence in handling special cargo products. Our future is sustainable, and we have a highly ambitious goal to become carbon neutral by 2045. This plan can only be achieved in close cooperation with our customers and partners.

Finnair in the past

Finnair has a highly colourful history of 100 years. Finnair’s first commercially operated flight was to carry mail from Helsinki to Tallinn. Finnair’s story has been right in the heart of many historical events in our regions during its early years. After World War II, the Finnish government acquired a majority holding of the company and remains to be the biggest shareholder today.

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