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Finnair Cargo FIRST renewal is set to improve customer experience

Finnair Cargo's FIRST is our priority cargo option for fast delivery and high level of service. The FIRST product has been renewed with the objective of meeting customer needs even better.

Finnair Cargo's FIRST is our premium product for priority cargo. 

- We know that our customers have different cargo needs, including shipping cargo that must be delivered on a very short notification, but always reliably, says Anja Pöyhönen, Sales Director Europe at Finnair Cargo.

The FIRST product renewal was designed to match customer requirements for a priority service. 

One of the key changes implemented is the addition of a capacity guarantee service. This means that even on a fully booked flight there is the option to choose a FIRST booking within that capacity guarantee. This has been a reoccurring wish from customers. 

- The service is ideal for situations where a customer urgently and regardless of cost wants to make a booking for a specific flight. Capacity guarantee makes this possible, even if regularly the flight wouldn't otherwise have capacity, Pöyhönen describes. 

The other improvement will be on the FIRST money back guarantee. This ensures that the customer gets 50 percent of their booking price refunded if the booking can't be executed as promised.  Conditions of the money back guarantee are available on the FIRST page.

Ongoing development

As the third major change First cargo customers are now offered around the clock customer service and support. Local offices will continue service as before during local office hours, but in addition, a chat service is implemented at Finnair Cargo’s COOL hub at Helsinki Airport to ensure that possible questions can be solved 24 hours a day. 

All the renewed features crystallize our customer promise for priority shipments and improve the entire customer experience.

- We want to offer solutions that meet customers’ business needs. Finnair Cargo FIRST product is the solution for urgent and very important cargo that must be prioritized. This is to ensure satisfaction for both freight forwarders and their respective customers, Pasi Nopanen, Sales Director Asia at Finnair Cargo points out. 

Nopanen and Pöyhönen both expect the renewal to be a tool to grow the share of the FIRST product, as well as improve overall customer experience. They also hope that the renewal sparks customers to give feedback and ideas for further development. 

- This is not an endpoint, but instead we want to develop our services even further. Our customers' feedback is crucial for us to make sure the changes we make are the ones that create the most added value for them, Pöyhönen sums up.

FIRST bookings are sold through all our sales channels, online and in local offices.