Cargo One: frequently asked questions about the new online booking platform

What is, how does it work, is it free for freight forwarders — all your important FAQs about answered in one place.

What is offers freight forwarders the fastest and simplest air cargo booking experience. With the platform, freight forwarders can compare quotes from multiple airlines, book with two clicks, and track all their shipments in one place. 

How does it work?

You can sign up with your personally identifiable company email address and request quotes for specific shipments. You will instantly receive multiple offers from all airlines for which your station is a customer. In order to book the desired quote, you must provide a valid AWB number. 

Which rates are displayed to me?

The rates displayed on the platform are directly set by the airline. These are the same prices as the ones you will get when you request a quote from the airline sales team on the phone or via email. The rates displayed are all-in.

Do special agreement rates apply if I book through

Since you will be signing up with a specific CASS number, which is directly connected to your airline account number, your special rate agreements (SRAs) will be taken into account when displaying the rates to you. The rates displayed are all-in.

What sizes can I ship with

You can book up to 10 tonnes / 49.99 CBM. Dimensions are dependant on the aircraft type.

Which type of cargo am I allowed to ship? Can I ship dangerous goods, pharma, cooled, animals, specials?

As of now, you can only request to book general cargo on This type of cargo includes shipments that do not require special handling or services that are part of the special product portfolio. is working on new functionalities such as supporting other commodities. 

For a list of all goods that you can ship with please refer to the website:

Are there any hidden costs for air freight forwarders?

No! The business model is based on an airline commission ONLY and intentionally free of charge for freight forwarders. As mentioned above, the prices displayed are all-in.

How does the billing work?

You can book a quote with a valid AWB number that you receive from the airline. Billing is then done through the respective airline via the IATA CASS.

How is this any different from booking directly with the airlines?

More and more airlines are digitalising their services as it is more efficient and saves time for the customer. enables freight forwarders to take advantage of this digital shift and have access to immediately bookable rates and guaranteed capacities. With you enter your shipment details once and you can compare all available routes and prices on different dates and book from numerous airlines instantly. 

What does Finnair think of

According to Finnair Cargo’s head of global sales, Fredrik Wildtgrube, who launched the partnership with in March 2019 it's the future of air cargo:

“Making Finnair Cargo’s offers available digitally through is a forward-thinking move and will benefit both our customers and Finnair Cargo now and in the long-term.”

“Digital connectivity is the missing link to guarantee end-to-end speed, quality and continuous improvement in the industry. We are happy to now offer our customers a fully digital first-class booking experience with” 

Where is available for Finnair customers?

Finnair has launched in Finland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium and Austria.