Cargo news

Updated information concerning shipments to China (non-Finland agents)

As informed earlier Chinese Customs have placed strict requirements for information concerning shipments to China.

To ensure compliance with the new customs requirements we need to introduce a new customs information indicator for shipments to China.

Therefore, please enter indicator “T” in the OCI information of your FWB and FHL messages for shipments to China. Inclusion of this OCI information enables smooth arrival procedures for your shipments to China.

You will also find an updated excel sheet detailing the required information at this link. The excel needs to be sent to: and a copy sent to your local GSA:

Also find some examples of correct FWB/FHL messages with complete information here (PDF).

Here you will find a list of country codes and numbers needed (VAT/enterprise/siren/company number, etc) in each country. 

We will do our utmost to guide you with this process, but in the case that shipments are returned from China due to a lack of information from origin, we reserve the right to pass on all costs (fine and returning the shipment to origin) to customer.