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Chinese Customs requires detailed information for import shipments to China from 1st June 2018

Chinese Customs Announcement No. 56 will be valid from 1st June 2018. It specifies that more information is needed about shipments to China (excluding Hong Kong), e.g. company identification number.

To transfer this information via FWB and FHL messages some changes to system settings or even actual system changes are needed from forwarders.

To support your business and flow of cargo Finnair Cargo can enter the required information to FWB and FHL messages for you until you are capable of making the needed system updates.

We will monitor the development of the situation and evaluate the proceedings at the latest after one month.

How to provide the information to Finnair?

  • Please use the attached Excel sheet to provide us the required information.
  • After adding the needed information please attach and email it to:
  • In the email subject line write: China