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Same-day connections in Helsinki thanks to new wide-body Brussels service

Beginning 31st October 2018 Finnair will launch wide-body passenger aircraft on its daily Brussels frequencies on a Wednesday and a Saturday.

The addition of wide-body passenger aircraft on Finnair’s Brussels frequencies is a huge boost for customers and for Finnair Cargo because it means a quicker run-through for goods in Helsinki, with the possibility of same-day connections saving up to 24 hours. 

Asia and Brussels frequencies operated with wide-body aircraft mean the ULD dimensions match. This will dramatically speed up transit in Helsinki.

Upgrading the Brussels service with wide-body aircraft to ensure same-day connections in Helsinki means the freighter service will be discontinued as we want to focus more on enhancing connectivity with our wide-body operations. 

Fredrik Wildtgrube, Head of Global Sales at Finnair Cargo, is delighted with the new A330/A350 capacity and excited about the opportunities presented by same-day connections:

"It's been a chief priority to add wide-body aircraft to the Brussels route because it allows us to speed up the service. Finnair is already very competitively positioned as far as Asia connectivity is concerned and matching up wide-body routes strengthens our hand further. It's hard to dismiss a time saving of up to 24 hours if you're a shipper."

From Spring 2019 (S19) season onward, AY1541/2 on a Wednesday (D3) will be operated with an A330 and on Saturday (D6) will be operated with an A350.

You can find the new Brussels timetable for winter season below. Times are local.