New declaration procedure in Beijing (PEK) for import transfer cargo from 1st March 2018

Dear Customer,

Beijing Customs has informed us that they are implementing a new declaration procedure for import transfer cargo to China from 1st March 2018.

Shipper or a forwarding company on shipper’s behalf must fill in the attached Import Transfer Cargo Declaration Form for each import cargo shipment (AWB/HAWB) transfering to another Chinese city via Beijing (PEK) to declare the following: HS Code, Commodity Description (in Chinese), Piece, Weight, Price, Currency Name.
Otherwise the shipment onward transportation will be stopped by the Beijing Customs.

To fulfill the new Customs procedure the shipper/forwarding company at origin station needs to:

1.    Fill in the IMPORT TRANSFER CARGO DECLARATION INFORMATION FORM and attach the paper form to the Air waybill. (Note! Signature in column ‘Signature of Declarer’ must be handwritten.)
2.    Send the Form to CAPEK-TRF@AIRCHINACARGO.COM within one hour from the flight departure. Please Cc: cargo.pek@finnair.com when sending the form.
   -  One Air waybill filled in one form and sent in one email
   -  The email subject is the number of the Air waybill.
   -  The form should be in Excel format.
   -  The contents must be the same as in the paper one, the Signature of Declarer may be typed in.

If a form is not attached to the AWB upon arrival the shipment will not be forwarded unless a signed and completed copy is provided. If the form with required declaration information is not provided, an overdue fine will be charged after 14 days of shipment arrival.

Should shipper need assistance, e.g. with trade names, which must be in Chinese, they are advised to communicate with the consignee.

Best regards,

Finnair Cargo