From 1 January 2019 Finnish Customs will harmonise the release of goods for transit procedure at all offices

Finnish Customs will harmonise the process of releasing goods for the transit procedure at all customs offices in Finland from 1 January 2019.

Holders of the standard transit procedure, warehouse keepers and temporary storage operators will notice that holders of the procedure using the standard transit procedure will not get their goods released for the transit procedure before the goods or the transport unit have been sealed.
Please find attached the Finnish Customs notice about the change:

In English: https://tulli.fi/artikkeli/-/asset_publisher/passitusten-avaaminen-tullitoimipaikoissa-1-1-2019-alkaen?_101_INSTANCE_7RRiOnepVCRA_languageId=en_US

In Finnish: https://tulli.fi/artikkeli/-/asset_publisher/passitusten-avaaminen-tullitoimipaikoissa-1-1-2019-alkaen?_101_INSTANCE_7RRiOnepVCRA_languageId=fi_FI

In Russian: https://tulli.fi/artikkeli/-/asset_publisher/passitusten-avaaminen-tullitoimipaikoissa-1-1-2019-alkaen?_101_INSTANCE_7RRiOnepVCRA_languageId=ru_RU
Here you can download the same Finnish Customs notice as a PDF.

In English

In Finnish 

In Russian