Cargo (Charter) Availability during COVID-19

Aircraft Volume Max. load Route Earliest availability
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons PVG-HEL 28MAY2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons NKG-HEL 1JUN2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons ICN-HEL 2JUN2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons HKG-HEL 31MAY2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons CAN-HEL 29MAY2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons XIY-HEL 3JUN2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons PEK-HEL 5JUN2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons KIX-HEL 5JUN2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons NRT-HEL 4JUN2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons JFK-HEL 1JUN2020*
A350 or A330 110m³-226m³ 37-40 tons BKK-HEL 30MAY2020*
* Subject to availability
Updated on 25 May, 2020

We also provide the opportunity for land transport for your delivery from Helsinki, reaching most of Europe in 2 days​. Connecting air freight solution to final destination are available upon request.

If you are interested in part loads or smaller shipments you may contact our teams at origin stations. You find our details in here

Finnair Cargo is the freighter arm of Finnair, the Finnish flagship carrier. It normally operates belly cargo only but during the corona time it has started cargo only operations as well. Finnair has famous for its reliable and fast connections between Europe and Asia.

During COVID-19 Finnair has been operating from Asia several flights to ensure critical deliveries needed because of COVID 19, such as protective gear, COVID-19 blood samples and medical
equipment across Europe. The company is well equipped to provide the similar services extensively to public and private partners across Europe. Finnair was the first airline to receive the IATA CEIV pharma certificate in 2015.

  • Finnair has the fastest cargo connection from Asia to most of Europe – the company can serve most of European capitals in less than 12 hours from Asian airports. Thanks to this, its
    services are also very cost efficient. For example, we can deliver 4+ million protective masks with just one A350 aircraft.
  • Finnair has an extensive network in Asia, e.g. it is able to provide daily or one time cargo services to and from Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing, Hong Kong and several other Asian cities.
  • Finnair Cargo has the best experience in the industry to provide quality services, and its customers can rest assured their cargo is delivered in time via Finnair’s hub in Helsinki.
  • The company has extensive experience in co-operating with officials, such as customs, to ensure smooth and safe delivery. Our terminal facility provides excellent safety for deliveries.
  • Our references include Finnish National Security of Supply, Estonian National Security of Supply, Red Cross, several European health care companies both public and private.

Finnair Cargo operates multiple weekly frequencies to the following destinations;

Shanghai (PVG)​, Beijing (PEK, BJS)​, Guangzhou (CAN)​, Nanjing (NKG)​ and Xian (XIY)​, Hong Kong (HKG)​ Tokyo (NRT, HND), ​Osaka (KIX)​, Nagoya (NGO)​, Fukuoka (FUK)​, Sapporo (CTS)​, Singapore (SIN)​ and Bangkok (BKK)​

Finnair is committed to assist different organizations in their efforts to fight against COVID 19 by flying critical cargo to and from Asia to meet its customers demands.

Finnair Cargo contacts: