Delays in cargo deliveries due to heavy snowfall in Helsinki on 2 April

Dear customer,

Estimated heavy snowfall in Southern Finland will cause operating restrictions at Helsinki Airport today, 2 April. To minimize the impact to flight operations significant restrictions for cargo have been introduced and some flights have been cancelled. This will unfortunately cause delay in cargo deliveries today and also during the coming days.

Cancelled Finnair flights on 2 April:

AY535/6 RVN
AY955/6 CPH
AY813/4 ARN
AY1337/8 LHR
AY1433/4 TXL
Norra AY1143/4 WAW
Norra AY1105/6 VNO
Norra AY315/6 VAA
Norra AY1107/8 VNO
Norra AY265/6 TMP
Norra AY263/4 TMP
Norra AY223/4 TKU
Norra AY845/6 BMA
Norra AY713/4 SVO
AY85/86 PEK
AY41/42 ICN
AY1761/2 FCO
AY1573/1574 CDG
AY1251/1252 BUD

We apologize for the delays and do our best to restore normal operations as soon as possible.

Best regards,

Finnair Cargo