Finnair Cargo's e-services are accessed at SkyChain portal and they are available for forwarding agents' customers. At SkyChain, you can make online bookings, track your shipment, make truck appointments, and much more. Details below. 

Finnair Cargo online services in a nutshell

Online booking

  • Cargo reservation for Finnair Cargo online destinations
  • Review of reservations made 
  • Display of schedules
  • Possibility to create local customer database (to be used for reservations)

Electronic AWB

  • AWB/HAWB data capture 
  • Customs control related MRN (movement reference number) entry
  • Possibility to print e-booked Air Waybill information 

Online tracking

  • Shipment tracking

Online truck appointments

Make an appointment for a vehicle delivering/picking up goods at the COOL Nordic Cargo Hub. 

How to start using SkyChain

You can request access to Finnair Cargo's SkyChain by sending an email to: cargo.support@finnair.com with the email subject SkyChain web portal access request

Alternatively, you can register online from the front page of SkyChain.

Information to provide in the email: 

  • SkyChain User ID 
  • Company name
  • Employee’s name
  • IATA number (for exports)
  • Invoicing number (for imports)

Employees processing export shipments will need individual access codes, but for import shipments a forwarding company's general access code can be used.

Information required from subcontracted trucking companies

Similar information is also needed from subcontracted trucking companies that are making appointment requests to collect shipments for a forwarding agent.

Forwarding companies

Forwarding companies can also request access codes for sub-contracted trucking companies, in which case the trucking company can use the forwarding company’s screen to make an appointment. The trucking companies need to request their own access codes.

Different types of access codes

A forwarder’s personal access code.
For handling bookings, sending Air waybill data, checking export/import shipments and creating appointments.

General access code for a forwarding company.
For checking export/import shipments or creating appointments.

General access code for a trucking company.
Requested by forwarders for checking export/import shipments or for creating appointments for the trucking company. 

Personal or general access code for a trucking company.
For creating appointments. 

Download instructions for using SkyChain

Availability – Customers can check for weight and volume capacities on a desired flight and make a reservation for that flight. 

Booking – This guide shows you how to book cargo onto Finnair flights. The steps are straightforward and simple to follow. 

House Air waybill – The House air waybill function is used to submit information on your consolidation shipments. 

Movement Reference Number (MRN) – The Movement Reference Number function is used to submit the Customs MRN of an Air waybill or House air waybill. This guide shows you how to find the Movement Reference Number. 

Schedule – This guide shows you how to use the schedule function to find detailed information on Finnair flights. 

Tracking – The tracking function allows users to track the status of shipments at any time. It is possible to track a single shipment or multiple shipments. This guide shows you how to track your shipment(s) online by entering your air waybill number. 

Air waybill – This function is used to capture full air waybill information.