Christmas greetings from Finnair Cargo

Christmas season is a time to reflect on the past year and this year we truly have something reflect on. Who would have thought last Christmas what we had in front of us going into 2020 ? Last Christmas there was a small news story about a virus spreading in China – few months later we were forced to temporarily scale down our entire operations.  Despite the external circumstances, what raises most from this year, is not the feeling of hopelessness from lost opportunities, it is the feeling of positivity, feeling of pride and  perseverance above all. 

In the time of crisis, what I find astonishing is how fast we turn on a survival mode and start working together. I have witnessed great work and great partnerships throughout the year, all parties walking the extra mile to help one another. Keeping the business moving means a lot - being able to provide needed goods around the world and being able to keep people at work enabling them to provide for their families. We stand strongly for Finnair values of courage and commitment to care and continue live up to those values every day. 

Normally during the Holiday season, we have gotten together to celebrate the past year’s cooperation, raised toasts and enjoyed each other’s’ company. This year we must act responsibly by taking care of ourselves and our loved ones and apply social distance.  Despite the changed circumstances I hope that you can enjoy the Holiday season.

On that note, on behalf of our Finnair Cargo team I wish a you Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year. We are looking forward to happy reunions and joyful encounters soon.